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Take part in EDIT's second nationwide survey to reveal the true potential of the digital sector in Bulgaria. Our goal is to map all businesses that are driven by technology or innovation, so that we can support their growth based on real data. Thus, we need YOUR story. Feel free to remain anonymous, however if you want us to promote your business through our marketing channel, we would love to know who you are!
We will produce a report and send it to you as reward. What are you most interested in? *

Describe the core business of your company in three key word (e.g. cloud, SaaS, e-commerce) *

When was you company founded? *

Please fill in the year of founding and please proceed even if your company is not active anymore. We still need your experience.
What is the stage of development of your company? *

What was the motivation for founding the company? *

Where is the company based? *

please let us know in which Bulgarian city is the companies main office, if it differs from the registered location
How many people work in the company (incl. founders)? *

Which mostly describes your core business?

As a company providing traditional services based on digital technology, in which industry is your focus? *

As a company providing strictly digital services, could you specify?

As a product company, could you specify the type of products you are developing? *

Are you focusing on the following technologies? *

Who is the client of your company? *

Innovation has many faces. It could be from creating a whole new market, to using technology in new ways to create a more efficient organization and improve alignment between technology initiatives and business goals. But innovation could be also a small switch in processes or communicaton... What is yours?

Is your product service a true Innovation? *

So..what is your innovation?

We would love to hear more about it...Could you specify?

Does the company have any registered patents? *

Which are your current markets? *

Are you planning to expand on new markets in the next 12 months?

Which are your target markets for the next year? *

What has helped / is helping you to expand abroad?

Was the company cash flow positive in the last fiscal year?

How long did it tаke before the company reached break even?

in years

When do you expect it to be and what does it depend on?

Do you expect revenue growth in 2017?

What percentage of the revenues come from export?

In most cases companies need capital to start a business. So...

What was the source of your starting capital? *

Have you raised external capital besides the starting one?

Who are your investors?

Are you planning fundraising in the next 12 months?

What is the amount planned?

What do you need the capital for? *

What are the biggest obstacles the company has faced in Bulgaria? *

What kind of talent have you failed/is hard to find?

Have you considered moving the company away from Bulgaria?

How many great minds have started the company?

founders count
What was/is the average age of the founder(s) at the founding moment?

Are there female co-founders in the company?

What is the citizenship of the founders?

What was the reason to start/move the company's business in Bulgaria? *

Do the founders have previous experience as entrepreneurs?

What happened with your last venture? *

No leader without followers... Time to celebrate the team

Don't worry. We're done in several seconds
What is the average age in your current team? *

Are there team members/employees with foreign citizenship? *

What is the amount of female team members/employees?

What is the main talent source for the company?

Is the company working with freelancers?

Where is the company operating from? *

Are you planning to expand the team in the next 12 months?

How many people are going to be hired?

One last step to go

What kind of institutional measures would in your opinion contribute most to the development of the startup ecosystem? *

It's not obligatory, but we would appreciate if you leave a contact, so we can send you the requested report

Name your company, if you would like us to feature it

Thank you for telling us your story!
We'll come back to you in November with a very detailed and specific map of the digital sector in Bulgarian and the report we promissed.
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